How the Camel got his Hump

How the Camel got his Hump

This is the story of how the Camel got his hump,
and it happened Just So.
Long ago in the High and Far off Times when the world was new and all.
There was an undiscovered sandy desert.
And in the middle of the undiscovered sandy desert.
lived a scrutiatingly bad tempered, conceited lazy camel.
He stood all day eating milkweed and prickles and things,
gazing into a pool of water, admiring his long legs,
his droopy eyelids and curvy neck.
But he was particularly proud of his smooth , flat back.

Come on camel, it's time you put that back of yours into some proper work.
Said the Horse on the first Monday morning of the world.

Humph, said the Camel.
Come on camel, it's time you learnt to fetch and carry.
Said the Dog on the first Monday morning of the world.
Humph, said the Camel.
Come on camel, it's time you helped to plough.
said the Ox on the first Monday morning of the world.
Humph, said the Camel.
At the end of the first working day in the world
The Man gathered the Horse, and the Dog and the Ox together and said:-
Thank you all for working so hard,
I have words with the "Humph Thing" out there in the sandy desert, but he refuses to help.
As there is so much to so I'm afraid you must all work double time in future to make up for his idleness.
That mad the three very angry with that scrutiatingly worthless camel.
But they did as the Man asked and worked double time all through the First Tuesday in the World.

and all through the First Wednesday in the World.

By the First Thursday in the World. they were all very tired and
very very angry with that most scrutiatingly conceited, idle "humph Thing" out in the desert.
So they held a PowWow or Palaver to decide what to do about it.
Humph, laughed the Camel and carried on chewing idly.
We cannot go on like this panted the Dog,
if only the Djinn in charge of all deserts were here. I'm sure he could help us.
presently and at once the Djinn in charge of all deserts came rolling up.
Oh Djinn of all deserts, said the Dog.
is it right for one person to be so idle, what with the world being so new and all.
and that other people should have to work twice as hard to make up for him?
certainly not said the Djinn.
Well, said the Horse, there's a thing in the middle of your undiscovered sandy desert
with long legs and flat back and he hasn't done a thing these past three days.
I asked him to put him to put his back into some proper work on Monday Morning.
And what did he reply, asked the Djinn.
All he ever says is "Humph" said the Dog
I asked him to help fetch and carry.
And what did he say to that , said the Djinn.
Humph, said the Ox, It's the only thing he does say.
I asked him to help with the ploughing.
And I suppose he said "humph" said the Djinn of all deserts.
Well I bet you all the gold in Arabia that it's my flat-backed conceited Camel to whom you've ben referring.
If you three will kindly wait there a minute I'll go and "humph" him out of his Idleness.
Off rolled the Djinn in charge of all deserts, up to that scrutiatingly idle Camel.
Who was, of course, admiring himself as usual.
Now my long and flat-backed friend, said the Djinn, what's this I hear about you doing no work?
What with the world so new and all.
Humph, said the Camel.
That is rather rude, said the Djinn, and I shouldn't say that too often if I were you.

Now listen, you have given the Three a lot of extra work to do on account of you scrutiating idleness.
Aren't you just a little bit sorry?
"Humph" said the Camel.
This is my last warning said the Djinn.
Use that word again and it will be once too often.
Now how about putting in a good honest days work like everyone else.
And the Camel said "Humph" again, but it was indeed once too often.
For the Djinn in charge of all deserts worked a great magic upon it.
What has happened to my beautiful flat back? Gasped the Camel.
That is your very own "Hump" said the Djinn. that you have brought upon yourself by
being bad tempered and idle.
And now you are really going to put that new back of yours to work.
But how can I? Whined the Camel. It's all lumpy and will get in the way.
Quite the reverse grin the Djinn.
That magic hump of yours holds three days supply of food.
Everyone else in the world has worked hard during Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
You did not so you owe everyone THREE days work.
Now thanks to your hump, you can catch up on all your tasks without having to stop to eat
milkweed prickles and things.
And of course there will be no time to admire your new back in pools of water, you'll be too busy using it.
And ever since that day the camel has worked as hard as other animals.
At times he works even harder, when they stop to eat he carries on, thanks to "Humph"
magically turned into a hump.
But he is still most bad-tempered and conceited just like that first scrutiatingly idle camel in the World.