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Skills covered on your course in 14 weeks - plus useful links

1. Your own Iphone/Tablet and apps to animate - using pastel to begin with.
Drawing in pastel with iphone
Using an iphone or tablet
2. Punched Paper cel on Light Box with pencil and pen.

Whole process from paper to cel
3. Line Tester- using punched paper,plasticine, cut-outs.
4. ToonBoom on computer with Wacom Tablet/Cintiq
5. Audacity- for sound
6. Final Cut or Premier to edit altogether into complete movies
7. IBook Author to create interactive books and upload to iTunes for the world to share - for free.
Example of my ibook "Quizicat & the Spotty Leopard"
8. (if there’s time I’d like you to make your own website too)
1. Timing to communicate the idea/story clearly.
2. Squash and Stretch to give weight and energy to the movement
3. Perspective and spacial awareness with light and shade
4. In-betweening - as in Head Turns and Walk Cycles
Walk Cycles
5. Creating emotion through character and movement
1. How to research using all avenues open from internet to the real world including libraries .
2. Having collected a whole heap of ideas how to sort them out onto ONE sheet of A4.
Research to A4 to Storyboard
3. Creating a Storyboard to plan that idea in time and with sound if needed.
4. Make an Animatic Movie to show the storyboard in real time in relation to the sound track.
5. View the work of others and be able to discuss positively what is working and what is not
to assist in improving their own work.
6. Discover your OWN style of drawing and animation… you are what you draw!
The Start of Quizicat Cracks the Arty Code
Sheila Graber
Our Website
Recommended reading- Animation a Handy Guide
Buy the book here
Further 20 demos linked to the book
Free Demos here