Weekly Modules with 5 hours contact time with Tutor Sheila Graber & 20 hours Personal Study

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20 hour Personal Study- Week1

25.01.2016 Week 1
Check out the animation module guide together to gain an overview. Start animating plasticine/cut outs

Animation creates life where none existed before. It can simply be a series of drawings so therefore learning to draw well can be a big help. In 1940 Disney said it would be the ‘Art form of the Future” — he was right.. look around you it is EVERYWHERE- from adverts to feature films, from iPads to X box.. It is the very best communicator incorporating as it does, images,movement,sound,colour, drama and fun and now true interactivity with the end user. Being young and virtually unexplored there are LOADS of opportunities to bring your own ideas and style to it - get going - NOW…

18 Students formed 5 groups
In groups put down 3 main things that come to mind when you think of animation...-we flip chart them- Final Outcomes

1 It is everywhere - films,TV ads, series,X Box iPad apps 3D and 2D-stop motion
2. Series of stills that run to create the illusion of movement
3. Only kicked in big time with Disney 1940 - young and unexplored.,could be used for education

We go to Line testers working in groups of 2/3/4 in Room 105

1.Explain how to make a folder and store work
2 Experiment making a simple movie. run the movie - fast - slow.we ALL do this together
3 Each group animates their names.and run movie as we look at each others work.

In same groups -Make any movie you like with plasticine,paper,pastel - the ONLY essential is that the "Storyline" centres round a pencil and it must have a beginning with TITLE ,middle and end.. with credits.

we share.and store in folders-USB

Complete the "Pencil MOVIE" Scan the internet for animations that involve a "LINE" or "LINES" as the key element
Sort out what you consider to be the best movie and send a link to me and everyone else please saying why you like it.

Download Stop Motion Studio App (free) from Itunes here:-


Test it out on your phone or tablet - whichever you own and bring in your device next week as you will be working with it at Uni.
We would like you bring your own mini tripod (Pound shops sell them) or here is an amazon link
We can supply mini Tripod/Support for smart phones if needed - but you will need to bring in a support for your tablet ..
Rosie aged 9 demos the app here
You will also need a small mirror as you will be animating a self portrait.







Each weekly module -
5 hours Tuition with Sheila Graber 20 hours personal study

25.01.2016 Week 1

Check out the animation module guide together to gain an overview. Start animating plasticine/cut outs
on line testers. Make a character. Use simple storyboards.
01.02.2016 Week 2
Pastel animation of a face using their own ipads/iphones if possible.. then storyboard subject - “growing up “ create in pastel /cut-outs.
08.02.2016 Week 3
Morph one drawn object into another using pencil and 12 sheets of punched paper…
Learn about in-betweening, and timing
15.02.2016 Week 4
Plan a space in 1 point perspective/ bounce a ball in it
22.02.2016 Week 5
Using a “Guide Track” make a Head Turn on punched paper on line tester and in Toon Boom
01.03.2016 Week 6
Create two opposite characters, in line/tone
One powerful the other fragile. using the principles learnt in “Head Turn” make each move in characteristic fashion.on punched paper and line tester and on toonboom
08.03.2016 Week 7
How walk cycles work 2 leg and four leg.using Toon Boom
15.03.2016 Week 8
Choose any drawn character from History-Greek/Minoan/Egyptian etc Place them in appropriate setting and make them move in characteristic style to tell a short 4 “chapter” “story” with sound
Research,Storyboard,Animatic, then ToonBoom

21 March – 4 April 2016 SPRING VACATION