Weekly Modules with 5 hours contact time with Tutor Sheila Graber & 20 hours Personal Study

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20 hour Personal Study- Week2

01.02.2016 Week 2

We gather in room 103
and share the 5 animated Group Movies made round " A Pencil"
Everyone makes sure they have a copy on their USB (and mine)

All Go back to 3rd Floor
and check out the samples of "line animation" gathered from the Internet. Are all completed?

Then the main project of the Day
Animating a Pastel Portrait

Set up smartphone or tablet on stand with mirror. Fix drawing board and sugar paper so that it is all comfortable to draw a self portrait
Using chalk and Charcoal supplied and the Stop Motion Studio App you supplied ..get drawing.
Continue until completed - save as a Movie - e-mail to me from your phone/tablet

Your project today, to be animated in a similar method, is "Growing Up "
You sketch out ideas then plan storyboard supplied.

From now until 3.pm (and beyond) you create the movie... There is ability to record your own sound in Stop Motion Studio- I'd be interested to see who can work that out.
please e-mail to me when completed.

If you have no tripod yet for your phone use Blu-Tack to hold it still - it works fine
Start from an object you own that REALLY interests you and build a story out from that. e.g.

My Favourite Film of all time is Disney's Fantasia born 1940 we are the same age. I have an original pencil cel by Bill Tytla from the "Devil emerging From the Mountain" in Night on Bald Mountain but as I have to choose an object I'd pick this little Figure Of Mickey from Sorcerer's Apprentice. Click to see the movie by 9 yr old Caitlin




Each weekly module -
5 hours Tuition with Sheila Graber 20 hours personal study

25.01.2016 Week 1

Check out the animation module guide together to gain an overview. Start animating plasticine/cut outs
on line testers. Make a character. Use simple storyboards.
01.02.2016 Week 2
Pastel animation of a face using their own ipads/iphones if possible.. then storyboard subject - “growing up “ create in pastel /cut-outs.
08.02.2016 Week 3
Morph one drawn object into another using pencil and 12 sheets of punched paper…
Learn about in-betweening, and timing
15.02.2016 Week 4
Plan a space in 1 point perspective/ bounce a ball in it
22.02.2016 Week 5
Using a “Guide Track” make a Head Turn on punched paper on line tester and in Toon Boom
01.03.2016 Week 6
Create two opposite characters, in line/tone
One powerful the other fragile. using the principles learnt in “Head Turn” make each move in characteristic fashion.on punched paper and line tester and on toonboom
08.03.2016 Week 7
How walk cycles work 2 leg and four leg.using Toon Boom
15.03.2016 Week 8
Choose any drawn character from History-Greek/Minoan/Egyptian etc Place them in appropriate setting and make them move in characteristic style to tell a short 4 “chapter” “story” with sound
Research,Storyboard,Animatic, then ToonBoom

21 March – 4 April 2016 SPRING VACATION