.....Weekly Modules 5 hours contact time with Tutor Sheila Graber & 20 hours Personal Study

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20 hour Personal Study- Week2

08.02.2016 Week 3
FIRSTLY I GATHER IN THE TRIPODS I LEANT U -I need them for a w/shp on Tues.

We meet in your Illustration Area floor 3
and share the Self Portraits "Growing UP" and 3D animation created last week.

All Go down to Line Test Room 105 to use LIght Boxes
I demo simple in-betweening of shapes. and shoot on my iphone with stop motion pro.

You all have a go on these light boxes or ones further along corridor in room 107 and room opposite that... just LOOK until you find them. Obviously if can access the line testers GREAT - but if not use your phones to see the movement.

Then the next in-between challenge..
Start from a drawing of a simple "Minster Window". in 5 drawings move it to a Church Tower
Continue until completed - save as a Movie on Line testers or your phone.

During the coffee break gather two items that you wil draw and morph one into the other in 9 drawings.
e.g. a shoe into a coke bottle, a coke bottle into a paper cup (easier) , a piece of fruit into a pencil case.
Bring your chosen objects to room 105 - we discuss and then seek out light boxes and get drawing.
Continue to Lunch and afterwards until 2.30. If you finnish do another 9 frame morph & film it.

Using the 2D free animation app - Animation Creator or the version with no ads £1.49
Android users please research the best 2D app and tell us what works.
and a simple stylus (pound shops have them now)
Experiment with the tests we did at Uni - so you get the hang of it and then...

Start of with a drawing of yourself - either face or full body then morph yourself in 9 drawings into anything you like - Superhero or Smartphone - you decide . Shoot on your Phone -use Blu-Tak( available at all good stores )to fix it if U have not got a tripod or holder yet. Please send me the movie before Saturday.

Morphed Hand Drawn Self Portraits ................. Morphed Self Portraits on Computer



Each weekly module -
5 hours Tuition with Sheila Graber 20 hours personal study

25.01.2016 Week 1

Check out the animation module guide together to gain an overview. Start animating plasticine/cut outs
on line testers. Make a character. Use simple storyboards.
01.02.2016 Week 2
Pastel animation of a face using their own ipads/iphones if possible.. then storyboard subject - “growing up “ create in pastel /cut-outs.
08.02.2016 Week 3
Morph one drawn object into another using pencil and 9 sheets of punched paper…
Learn about in-betweening, and timing
15.02.2016 Week 4
Plan a space in 1 point perspective/ bounce a ball in it
22.02.2016 Week 5
Using a “Guide Track” make a Head Turn on punched paper on line tester and in Toon Boom
01.03.2016 Week 6
Create two opposite characters, in line/tone
One powerful the other fragile. using the principles learnt in “Head Turn” make each move in characteristic fashion.on punched paper and line tester and on toonboom
08.03.2016 Week 7
How walk cycles work 2 leg and four leg.using Toon Boom
15.03.2016 Week 8
Choose any drawn character from History-Greek/Minoan/Egyptian etc Place them in appropriate setting and make them move in characteristic style to tell a short 4 “chapter” “story” with sound
Research,Storyboard,Animatic, then ToonBoom

21 March – 4 April 2016 SPRING VACATION