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Your favourite animation using "LINE" as the key item My movie Scat the Stringalong Cat using "Line" and La Lign
My Comment
becca Rebecca Houghton pencil anim

This is the behind the scenes of Princess and the Frog, I have chosen this because I love Disney and the way they went back to the hand drawn style of animation makes this much more exciting. I also saw this drawing process being made when I visited the animation studio.

Magic Drawings
& animators in action

amy Amy Arnison  

I like it because although it's simple it's very creative and fits very well together as a sequence, it also shows how they have morphed one object into another successfully which I thought would be good to learn from.

Powerful use of line,inbetweening & morphing
danielle Daniella Baker     returning later this term
aimee Aimee Cameron-Hall   Here's a link to the animation stuff you asked for :) anyone who knows me will know that I'm a massive Disney fan and the Lion King is my absolute favourite movie. Here's a little bit of some behind the scenes stuff at the studios and how they created the characters and went on to pencil tests; I thought that would fit in well with the line element. Grreat to see behind the scenes
zoe Zoe Donaldson pencil anim

Here is the animation I chose to share. Although it's very basic I personally feel it's a great thing to share with everyone at this stage in our animation development as this is where most animators would start out. Something very small and very basic.

So appropriate-you will all be doing this soon
bethany Beth Easton  

I picked the making of Aladdin as it was my favourite disney film growing up. This video is an interesting look into old school animation with all the animation hand drawn. They also used computer generated images which was wasn't used much at the time.

Some lively
line drawings-old stuff is good too
lucas Lucas Howl   The line being the glass wall separating the two characters. It's a very moving animation and I really like the art style and the story. Very Expressive use of line&art
sophie Sophie Fraser This is the link to the animation I've chosen. I'm not sure if it's the right kind of thing you asked for, but its one my favourite animated videos of all time. It's for a music video of a band I like. I like the animation because I think its quite sweet, in the way that its drawn and it shows how it doesn't have to.be really complicated to work well.

check out

thomas Thomas Hunter   An independent film thats appeared in quite a few festivals. The thing that stood out mostly for me were the colours involved in it. A lot of metaphorical imagery about maybe different personalities, which I quite liked, gave it a bit more substance, along with the colours being downright gorgeous to look at.
Unusual rotoscoping amazing colour
laura Laura Kippin   This is the movie I thought showed off lines and line animation the best, it is Rhapsody in Blue from Disney's Fantasia 2000. It is a take on 'the king of line' caricaturist Al Hirschfeld's art, mostly animated by Eric Goldberg. I like it for its fluidity, and it's a take on a style that could only ever be animated by 2d and not stop motion or 3d, so I feel it uses the medium well. Brill-Shows what semi-abstract line can do
austeja Austeja Lanzbergaite  

Here is the animation which I chose:
I chose this one animation, because I like the characters a lot and I think that this story is cute. Also I liked the way how background looks, it's like raw watercolour painting, therefore characters look like 3D.

So original in style - Magic
brilliant choice
melissa Melissa Mcnab  

I chose this movie mostly because I really enjoy that the line literally morphs from one thing to another. It's very basic, but I feel like it certainly represents the theme 'Line'.

Yes great use of Morphing
Fun and very linear!
hannah Hannah Opie hanahmov

Here is the link to the video I have chosen. Honestly I have chosen it because I find it utterly bizarre. The fact that it's hand drawn and the shaded areas are different each time reminds me of 'The Snowman' animation. I love the style of drawing of course it reminds me of pop surrealism.

Crazily Effective

chloe Chloe Sandy  

I thought I would send you Tom & Jerry animation as it's been my favourite since I have been little. This is just a short video of the making, which shows you the real drawn pictures also. I wasn't sure about it involving line; however I have still sent you what animation is my favourite.

Glimpse of 1st sketches-great
brodie Brodie Scott      
filip Filip Stanciucu      
valentina Valentina Starich  

The animated dancers seem interesting to me because they look real and have beautifully soft and synchronised motion.

Excellent example of contrasting linear rotosocoping /animation
summer Summer Thompson  

I chose this animation because even though it is short and simple, you really focus on the old man's character and his emotion as the flower appears. It's oddly powerful.

Emotive animation - and yes,strong use of line
Greta Greta Vaiciulyte pencil anim It is the animation of an old Lithuanian fairy tale, which is my favorite since I was little. I think it perfectly reflects the idea of the story and since I am personally interested ancient cultures and fables this piece of animation is perfect in my eyes.
Amazing use of Dark & light etched style.
Original and poetic
chelsea Chelsea
  My animation selection by the contemporary, multimedia artist William Kentridge, an artist whom I have recently been researching. I love how raw his style is due to his unique technique of using a single, large sheet of paper for each scene, drawing and making erasures using charcoal and colored pencil. themes are influenced by civil rights , mainly in regards to the Apartheid, which he grew up with. A powerful Unique animator well researched