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I chose the Crab because he looked like a spry little character, the colour contrast looked amazing as well. I am aspiring to try out making my own hand drawn animations very soon and I needed a little inspiration as to how I could paint my own cells. I am a Toronto film school graduate and art runs through my family lineage. I appreciate owning one of your works, and I admire your YouTube videos.
Alex S. USA
The Cat cels came today. I think they are amazing and have given me a new drive to complete the work I have set out to do. Thank you very much!!!
James.C. Student Canada
We have just bought a new home with a view to the decor being minimalist - your Mondrian cels fit in perfectly thanks.

Pete.B Australia
My wife is reading the Just So Stories to her junior class and this set of cels from the Whale really brought the story alive for them.

D.D. Holland
Just a quick note to thank you so much for the cels, the colours are so vibrant when you see the pictures for real, all of them absolute gems.
James C. UK

Mondrian Composition 1919